NOISY  prototype - Sound sensor sticker, cable, computing module in fashionable copper color and power adapter

NOISY prototype - Sound sensor sticker, cable, computing module in fashionable copper color and power adapter

As you can see in the above picture, the NOISY hardware is fairly simple.
It consists of four different parts:
- Computing Module
- Sound Sensor Sticker
- Flat Cat 5 Cable
- Power Supply



Computing Module

The Computer Module is currently a Raspberry Pi 3 single board computer. We won’t need much of its on-board I/O connectors and have turned the Ethernet port into an integrated sensor port to minimize clutter as shown below:

The computer module has an audio interface connected to a USB port and the on-board Ethernet port. We have modified it to power and connect the NOISY sound sensor sticker  to the computer module. 

Although the current prototype footprint is already small and compact, we plan to further simplify the layout and components.

The Computing Module stays safely indoors away from adverse weather conditions.  Only the sound sensor is outside and is rugged enough to withstand harsh weather conditions including rain. 



Sound Sensor Sticker

Our patent pending custom sensor design allows for an extremely lightweight, thin and flat sensor – resilient to adverse weather conditions including winds, rain and snow. It sticks like Spiderman to the wall in NYC. Fun fact: The sensor is too flat for birds to chill on (sorry birdies), which is actually a problem for other outdoor sensors. 

Although we recommend that the sensor is stuck onto windows, it can also be attached to walls and other flat, smooth surfaces. We will ship the sticker sensors in two versions: 

  • A heavy-duty 10 lbs. Velcro tape version allowing for easy attachment and detachment on any smooth surface

  • An adhesive tape version

The sensor is further treated with acoustic absorption materials to minimize unwanted vibrations from attached surfaces. 

To meet our design and sound quality criteria we chose a Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) microphone. MEMS microphones, while very small, have recently found their way into the noise surveying space due to their performance features. 



Flat Cat 5 Cable

The “Flat Cat 5” (say that 10 times fast!), which snaps into NOISY’s Ethernet Port, seamlessly connects the analog to digital converter to the sound sensor sticker providing both power and data lines.

By using a standard Cat 5 cable, we provide a simple, familiar, and elegant connection solution. Our Flat CAT 5 cable enables a safe and easy connection of the sound sensor sticker from the outside of a window to the computer module tucked away inside the home, where it's protected from the environment. The cable is so flat that it can fit into even the tightest spaces between window and frame. If you are unsure whether it fits, take a regular print paper, fold it a few times, so that you have around 8 layers of paper. If you can fit that in the space between your window and frame, you can fit this cable.



Power Adapter

Well, a power adapter is a power adapter is a power adapter. Ours is powerful enough to provide what little power NOISY needs, which is between 2 and 5 watts. This is less than a regular power saving LED light bulb for a standard household uses and will cost you in the US between 1 and 5 cents per day, depending on where you live and how much energy you use. It comes in several plug type versions, so we can ship worldwide.

That’s it guys, if you`ve made it this far —> thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out our Kickstarter Campaign by clicking on the link below: